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Business Coaching Growth Mentoring
Business Coaching Growth Mentoring
Team Coaching and Leadership Training
Team Coaching and Leadership Training

A bit about us...

In the office or around a campfire - we work with businesses of all sizes and in a wide range of environments.

We can work with anyone from Startups to Bluechip Global Brands, Charities and Societies.

Strategic Advice, Founder Mentoring, Assistance with Fund Raising, Pitch Deck Creation, Help with Mediation, Individual Mentoring, Dispute Resolution and more! Decades of hands on real life experience. We've seen it all and are here to help.

Business Advisory Services
Business Advisory Services

Here's what we offer..

some of Our Services

For Business Leaders and Teams

Strategy Evaluation
Business Modelling
Corporate restructuring
Growth Scaling
Mergers and Acquisitions
Exit Planning

For Anyone

Business or Design Idea Brainstorming
Handling Challenges
Interpersonal Issues
Concept Evaluation
Career Progression
Work Life Balance

Elite Team Performance Coaching

Team Training Like No Other!!

Ex Special Forces & Commercial Leaders take you through your paces

For Teams of All Sizes

Network of Business Mentors
Network of Business Mentors

And let's not forget

Our Network

We have access to a vast network of professional advisors who are ready to provide business advice and mentoring. Our network includes experts from almost every industry, ensuring that you receive the guidance you need to succeed.

Who We Are

The Phoenixery was founded by Guy Hipwell, a seasoned professional with a background in working at c-suite level with prestigious brands like Harrods and Liberty, as well as with numerous founders and startups. With over 7000 followers on LinkedIn, Guy has built a vast network of professional advisors who are ready to provide business advice and mentoring to businesses.

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